The “CON” of COMMUNISM (Bait & Switch)

The “CON” of Communism

(The Ultimate “Bait and Switch”)

“There are some LIES that lodge so deep in the HOPES of men that they can NEVER be KILLED no matter how many are EXECUTED to make the LIE TRUE.”

Communism is history’s ultimate “BAIT and SWITCH” … COLLECTIVE “NON-SENSE” replacing INDIVIDUAL “COMMON SENSE” diabolical deception (fooled … again) … “hopes” manipulated into hopelessness promising “heaven” (the “GARDEN”, producing “GULAGS”

The issue of “INTERESTS” are distorted and disguised by deception, delusions, devious and dystopian knots of confusion (economic, political, moral) with a shallow, superficial and stupid “world view” rejecting nature and human nature that fails to “CUT through the ONION” to the core of REALITY …

BAIT: ending individual “SELF-ISHNESS” SWITCH replacing it with collective” ENVY
BAIT: ”UTOPIAn progress”– proletarian paradise SWITCH: DYSTOPIAn worse
BAIT: repair “cosmic” Injustice (the “garden”) SWITCH: create “social Justice” (gulags) BAIT: “fair-ness” – equality of outcomes SWITCH: slavery – equality in misery
BAIT: eliminate “external” social evil SWITCH: ignore-destroy “internal”
BAIT: “constrained” individual PROFIT SWITCH: unconstrained STATE POWER
BAIT: bring collective RESPONSIBILTY SWITCH: destroy individual RIGHTS
BAIT: punish “interests”, competition SWITCH: ignore-kill incentives, innovation, choice
BAIT: external OTHER scapegoated SWITCH: internal SELF-DENIAL (no accountability)
BAIT: end economic “EXPLOITATION” SWITCH creating political OPPRESSION
BAIT: end “capitalist” competition and chaos: SWITCH; perpetual CLASS warfare
BAIT: providing collective “needs” SWITCH: ignoring-eliminate individual “wants”
BAIT: conformity and cooperation SWITCH: coercion and loss of “conscience”
BAIT: “sharing” (“each according to need”) SWITCH: “stealing” (class warfare)
BAIT: what “sounds good” (WISH-ful thinking) SWITCH: it does not WORK
BAIT: war on “parasites” SWITCH: war on “productive”
BAIT: profit-mad “robber barons-fat cats” SWITCH: power–mad, murderous thugs
BAIT: kill selfish profit-pigs thiefs SWITCH: empower ruthless state organized crime
BAIT: punish “makers” -“you did not earn that” SWITCH: promote “takers”
BAIT: “dictatorship of the proletariat (workers) SWITCH: “plain” dictatorship
BAIT: scapegoat PROFIT motive SWITCH: disguised POWER (sell soul to the state)
BAIT: humanistic “SALVATION” manifested SWITCH: human “SIN” magnified
BAIT: “compassionate” HUMANITY claimed SWITCH: cruel IN-humanity created
BAIT: authenticity & meaning SWITCH: deception, denial, Amoral “ends justify means” BAIT: “re-conditioned” humanity SWITCH: “re-education” camps (“Killing Fields” BAIT: divine pretentions (“without god anything is possible”) SWITCH: diabolical results
BAIT: the “new Man” of true believers SWITCH: same old idol worship and false religion
BAIT: re-create “NEW” human nature SWITCH: ignore-deny “nature” (instincts)

communism: FEEDS CATS CORN capitalism: let carnivores hunt meat
“provide” sustenance (state “Security) “pursuit” of [individual] happiness (freedom)

The HORSE and the JOCKEY