Comparing “NATURE” and Social Philosophies

A PYRAMID A CIRCLE (inclusiveness)
SUPERIORS and INFERIORS              vs.            NEUTRALITY (“peers”)
HETERO(different)GENOUS society   vs      HOMO(same)GENOUS society
everyone born different (bio-diversity)      vs      everyone born “the same” (same species)
STASIS (no change -stay within class).       vs.      SOCIAL OPPORTUNITY and MOBILITY
external defined conformity/obligation.    vs.       internal “content of character”, “conscience”

__1)Hierarchy is natural. People are DIFFERENT.They have varying qualities, and abilities that we all inherently identify, define measure and rank. INEQUALITIES are obvious

Some are stronger, smarter, taller, faster, rich-er, etc. Bio-diversity is the norm and reality in nature and human society.

___2)Egalitarianism is natural. People are more or less EQUAL or SIMILAR.  We are biologically the same species, MORE SIMILAR THAN WE are DIFFERENT. Hierarchies are often superficial and misleading.

___3)The world is full of differentiation and classification, forms of grouping. Humans RANK according to SUPERIORITY and INFERIORITYall the time. JUDGEMENTregarding our differences is fact of life. 

The strong dominate the weak. Some are smarter, richer or more popular than others. The DENIAL of life’s HIERARCHAL DIFFERENCES is wishful thinking thatlacks “reality”.

___4)The idea that “superiors” are intrinsically “BETTER” than “inferiors” is WRONG, UNnatural, even IRRATIONAL.Hierarchies are largely ARTIFICIALLY created SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS, differences, measures and rankings INVENTED by humans to oppress each other

We are NOT BORN WITHthese hierarchies, we INVENT them. Human traditions are arbitrary PREJUDICES, choices “made up” out of external convenience, not internal “science”. All humans have an innate (in-born) ability to “transcend” our superficial differences and live together in SOCIAL HARMONY as EQUALS.

__5)Hierarchies bring a sense of ORDER and ORGANIZATION to life.  People are BORN with FIXED qualities we CANNOT CHANGE.Hierarchies reveal the LIMITATIONS and CONTRAINTS built into FIXED and FINITE humanity. Social EQUALITY is an “ideal” that is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to ACHIEVE in the real world.PEOPLE MIGHT START the SAME, BUT THEY OBVIOUSLY DO NOT DEVELOP and END the SAME.Equality of “opportunity” always results in differences of “OUTCOME”.

___6)Egalitarianism is a more realistic and meritorious way to organize human society. Biologically, we are BORN as the SAME species in environments that are EVOLVING.. Human beings are products of their ENVIRONMENT.

Therefore, ideal human societies need to create “OPPORTUNITY” for ALL individuals CAPABLE of achieving.

All people deserve a chance to live and fulfill their own innate individual POTENTIAL and social POSSIBILITIES, outside the OFTEN OPPRESSIVE, ARBITRARY and INCONSISTENT JUDGEMENTS of human hierarchies that “hold them down”.

Placing oppressive and arbitrary LIMITATIONS on humanity is nonsense-ical, unnatural and wrong.

___7)Gender-Sexual identity is FIXED, defined by biology and “science”.
It is something we are BORN with. Males and females are inherently DIFFERENT. Not necessarily “better”, but definitely different. 

To pretend otherwise is foolish and delusional. Biology differentiation is built (born) into humanity, something that CANNOT be CHANGED.

___8)Gender-Sexual identityis NOT fixed. Gender hierarchies are misguided, close-minded, prejudicial attitudes that DENY human CHOICE, POSSIBILITY and POTENTIAL. 

Gender FLUIDITY accurately displays the whole range and reality of human sexuality. Humans have a UNIQUE ability to define, change and transcend (go outside) social practices in their biological-physical environment.

__9)Denying the hierarchal and fixed nature of gender and sex is misguided “political correctness” that ignores and rejects “reality”. The SEXES are DIFFERENT, with distinguishing strengths and weaknesses – not necessarily better, but definitely different.

Women are not ideally suited to serve in military combat. A woman firefighter would have difficulty carrying a 200+ pound person to rescue.

Conversely, a mother fulfills functions a father cannot so in equal manner.

Furthermore, a child ideally and naturally has BOTH male father and female mother figures to full-y develop and socialize them biologically, psychologically and socially. Lastly, anyone who has a Y-chromosome is a male, no matter how they self-identify or “feel”

Females and male gender DIFFERENTIATION and SEPARATION is a complimentary, “natural” and “scientific” state of being that will never truly change.

___10)GENDER ROLES are “FLUID”and open to CHANGE. Human PREJUDICES incorrectly LIMIT the human capacity to transcend an environment of superficial social and cultural practices that DENY REALITY.

Such prejudices are “unscientific”, old forms of “traditional” thinking (phobias) people need to be freed from. Such judgments deny egalitarian and progressive “reality”.The “bad old” PREVENTS the “better new”.

GENDER “issues” – Hierarchal differentiation vs Egalitarian same-ness?

agree? disagree?
__11)Gay marriageis a natural practice. If two people are biologically attracted  to each other, the desire to formalize that social arrangement in a form we call “marriage” is a NATURAL desire, practice and result.

TRADITIONAL same-sex marriage is a SUPERFICIAL (external) andARBITRARY (invented) “SOCIAL CONSTRUCT” that needs RE-DEFINITION to the EVOLVING “realities” of modern life.

Gender is fluid, open to change, evolution and ambiguity, determined by environment, NOT “FIXED”, genetically in-born, predetermined, closed and unchanging. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE reflects a GENDER-LESS world-view ofEGALITARIAN SAME-NESSthat correctly rejects hierarchal DIFFERENCES.

___12)Same-sex marriage is NOT the SAMEas opposite sex marriage.  Regardless of any value judgments (natural-unnatural, moral-immoral, etc.), there are fundamental DIFFERENCES between gay and straight marriage.

First, the NATURAL purpose of marriage is BIOLOGICAL RE-PRODUCTION of the species.That is why many view gay marriage as ultimately UN-NATURAL. 

Opposite-sex marriage is a “FIXED” (inborn and unchanging) trait of natural HIERARCHY. Inner psychological feelings of gender EQUALITY and fluidity
cannot change external biological facts of fixed gender DIFFERENCE.

Second,opposite-sex marriage is not only “BASIC” nature and science, but the sociological “NORM” and IDEAL of human experience and history.Regardless of the debate over values (e.g. acceptance, toleration, prejudice, social change, “evolution” and “agendas”, etc.), opposite-sex marriage and the traditional “nuclear” family is the basic “norm” and building block of ALL human societies in human history. 

Gay marriage is a statistical EXCEPTION, NOT the RULE to the general norms of nature, science, sociology and history. There are always exceptions to rules, but to redefine exceptions as being the same as the “norm” is illogical and inaccurate.

Despite any personal FEELINGS of being “for” or “against” gay marriage, there is NO “RE-DEFINING” that FACT and reality of history. Recognizing that factual reality of gender difference does not make one homophobic.

Third,comparing the two is an “apples to oranges” analogy, not “apples to apples”.

Same-sex partners can adopt and are capable of parenting children, but not in the same way male-female parents can. That is not to imply that one is superior or inferior, but even a child recognizes the difference – they arenot the same. Even critics say gay couples should have the same legal rights as hetero couples (e.g. civil unions). 

However, legal and social gender egalitarianism that radically REDEFINES marriage to include the “same-ness” of same-sex marriage is a “politically correct” SOCIAL CONSTRUCT that denies biological, psychological, sociological and historical hierarchies of gender difference. 

Some things NEVER CHANGE or can be RE-DEFINED.