Gasoline is $4 a GALLON because of the problems in the Middle East, the news media SAY. It’s just ANOTHER EXCUSE for the oil companies to get richer

ETHANOLwas going to be the ANSWER to solve our oil shortage problemsSTOP the SCAM and GET RID of ethanol in our gasoline.

The first mandated 10 percent ethanolin a gallon of gasoline RAISED the COST at the PUMP AROUND 5 CENTS PER GALLON. (another excuse for the oil companies to scam the public, and the government to back them up)

With 10 percent ethanol in gasoline, most vehicles will LOSE TWO to THREE MILES PER GALLON. 

If your vehicle has a 20-gallon fuel tank, you will LOSE 40 MILES ON a TANK of GASOLINE

We AREN’T SAVING any oil consumption and could be INCREASING it. A car rated at 19 mpg city and 29 mpg highway using gasoline is REDUCED to 14 mpg city and 22 mpg highway using E85.

Ethanol has been proven to be harmful to boats, lawn tractors, lawn mowers, power tools and vehicles over 6 years old.

The use of CORN to make ethanol has CAUSED the PRICE of FOOD to INCREASE DRASTICALLY. 

The cost of corn has gone up, forcing farmers to PAY DOUBLE for grain to FEED LIVESTOCK. 

Some Third-World countries claim people are STARVING because of a SHORTAGEin the CORN market and the increase of the cost of corn.

ENVIRONMENTALLY, the controversy as to ethanol doing MORE HARM THAN GOOD. 

Even former ethanol champion Al Gore changed his mind. He once insisted the more we can make this home-grown fuel a success, the better off our farmers and our environment will be. 

Gore has since called the fuel a MISTAKE.

Annual FEDERAL SUBSIDIES to corn ethanol cost around $5 BILLION to the TAXPAYERS.

The oil companies GET 45 CENTS PER GALLON for blending it into gasoline supplies. They raised the price to the CONSUMER and make money from our GOVERNMENT


Ethanol is hauled via railroad and tank trucks. We trucks every day and don’t know of the dangers. Ask your local fire department. A form of alcohol, ethanol  is much more flammable than gasoline. 

The oil companies get RICHER at the EXPENSE of YOU and ME, while OUR GOVERNMENT continues to SUBSIDIZE the CORN FARMERS and OIL COMPANIES. 

YETthe government wants to INCREASE ethanol to 15 percent per gallon.It just DOESN’T LEARN.  

QUIT SUBSIDIZING the oil companies and STOP ETHANOL from being ADDED to our gasoline.