Are Russians Superior to all others???

An interesting question about Russians on Quora and my response.

Do Russians believe that they are a people superior to Ukrainians, Germans, Balts, Finns, Poles, and Scandinavians?

Hadeed Ajmal Khan Swati Answered:

Actually, it’s the others (not all of them) who think that they are superior to Russians. Historically, Russians weren’t even considered European by most nations to its west. Russians were called Asians, Asiatics, Mongols, Mongoloids, Tatars etc. General Patton even said that the Russians were “Mongolian Savages” and we are making a mistake by allying with them against the Germans: “We have destroyed what could have been a good race of people and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages and all of Europe with communism”.

My reply: Well put! Truman referred to the Russians as “backward Asiatics.” Thankfully, these backward Asiatics, inflicted nearly 80% of the battle damage on the Nazis during WWII. Without these backward Asiatics, we would all be speaking German right now, and the swastika would be flying high on the Capitol building. Enough said?